Amol “Mo” Kaushal, M.Ed.

Amol “Mo” Kaushal, M.Ed.

Amol has worked with:
(1) Boys & Girls Club of America (2+ years)
(2) YMCA (1+ years)
(3) Jefferson County Board of Education (1 year)
(4) Metro Nashville Public Schools (1+ years)
(5) MNPS Extended Day Programs (1 year)
(6) Salvation Army (1 year free service over 100 hours)
(7) Nashville Rescue Mission (2 years free service over 150 hours)
(8) All Around Game basketball skills, camps, & training (3+ years)

Apart from this he has,

  • Master of Education – Edu & Leadership
  • +30 = Literacy Instruction & Gen Ed (equivalent of Ed.S.)
  • Doctoral candidate
  • 25 jobs of substantial experience
  • 2 years non-profit:
    Boys & Girls Club of America
  • 2 years licensed high school educator:
  • Increased ACT scores by 2 point average for 350+ MNPS students in 5 months as licensed full-time teacher
  • 3 years HS basketball coaching, training, and officiating experience Coach Mo (M.Ed.) is the living proof that the American Dream exists first and foremost through education. A first generation American-born citizen originating from multi-generational humble means, Coach Mo’s life has been all about maximizing time, space, energy, and resources to achieve as much as possible. In doing so, Coach Mo managed to survive through the U.S. educational system – with no predecessors – with more accolades than easily countable, achieving in the 99th percentile through hard work and perseverance. Achievements include:
    (1) Doctoral candidacy with large scholarships – Ed.D. – Leadership, Transformation, & Inquiry
    (2) Master’s degree earned through scholarships & aid, M.Ed. – Leadership & Edu (3.94 GPA)
    (3) Full Scholarship – every TN public university – many private universities/colleges -> B.A. – Sociology
    (4) Earned a 31 on the ACT (one attempt)
  • 36 on ACT English, 35 on ACT Reading
    (5) 2x AP Scholar, Latin III National Latin Exam – maxima cum laude, National Spanish Exam – top 10 in state of TN, National writing competition winner
    (6) MBA graduate – top quartile of class rank Coach Mo began the vision for this organization long before it began. We are all given gifts by God that we are to exhaust: one of Coach Mo’s primary gifts is the gift of teaching. Whether building up or improving students, basketball players, or functional and efficient young adults/adults (i.e. financially or in mind, body, spirit), Coach Mo is a self-made survivor who enjoys equipping others to be as wonderful as they can be. As the old saying goes: “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Coach Mo desires that lives be changed for a lifetime – not just for a test score. The ultimate goal is that as we succeed further together, a lifetime bond and partnership can be formed where students, their families, and College Bound/Coach Mo can celebrate each other’s well-being and success for decades to come.

…So, where do the increased test scores or basketball shooting/handling profiencies come from – if it’s not strictly about the test score or results – Coach Mo?

  • … These results come from a character-first approach. By taking ownership of what we do/how we do it, effort and skillful competence bring the results. We get the most out of ourselves and others – without taking anything from ourselves or others.

Good effort + Good planning + Accountability
= Achievement, Progress, and Positivity

Join us and experience the best for yourself!