What are all of us truly looking for? Results.
Come to us – We will bring you the results you need to improve your outcomes and change your life for the better:

(1) ACT Tutoring – Coach Mo (M.Ed.) succeeded in turning over 350 HS junior Davidson County students’ ACT score average to go up by an average of 2 points through 5 months of intensive ACT prep teaching, coaching, mentoring, and strategic supports. – If I can make it happen for 350, I can guarantee that through our affordable individual, small group, or large group ACT prep courses, your/your student’s score WILL increase from the beginning benchmark we begin with by AT LEAST 2 points with just a 3 month commitment to us! Ensure your/your child’s future today through what we NEED: resultant increased college admissions and scholarships dollars! We are a team! Let’s get it done for our young champions!

(2) College Counseling – Coach Mo (M.Ed.)– Go to college and get your degree! A bachelor’s degree ensures on average at least 1 million more lifetime dollars earned than just a high school diploma.Unfortunately, though we have need a 100% college enrollment and diploma attainment rate, less than 70% of metro public school students are matriculating in the past 5 years. With the existence of increased federal, state, and municipal initiatives as well as a student by student servicing touch, we help make successful EPSOs and postsecondary opportunities happen directly through our college counseling division. – Improve your/your student’s future today by obtaining our skillful and affordable help:

1. College comprehensive plans

2. Financing college – maximizing affordability!

3. Assessments and post-plans for truly being “college ready” and “persisting through to diploma“

4. Letters of Intent/Essays assistance

Coach Mo (M.Ed.) will use his name to support yours through a thoughtful, strictly positive LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION if and only if you/your student completes at least 3 months of programs with us.  

(3) Literacy Tutoring– Disciplinary literacy is a skill that not only results in higher grades in school and higher ACT/SAT scores but also results in the ability to perform a myriad of real-world tasks and professional works with higher proficiency. Therefore, we need now more than ever increased awareness and ensuring of students being able to read, write, speak, listen, and engage with technology on grade level.- Here at CollegeBound, we are able to assess efficiently and effectively